Quest Tree

Prapor1Debut2Checking5Search Mission5Delivery FromThe Past3Shootout Picnic5BP Depot6Bad Rep Evidence10The BunkerPart 19Ice Cream Cones10The BunkerPart 210Postman PatPart 1Postman PatPart 210Shaking UpTeller35Perfect Mediator17The PunisherPart 130Grenadier21Anesthesia18The PunisherPart 2InsomniaRigged GameSamplesThe ChemistryCloset19The PunisherPart 3Test DrivePart 1Colleagues Part3Huntsman Path- SadistTerraGroupEmployeeColleagues Part3Huntsman Path- Sadist20The PunisherPart 420The PunisherPart 521The PunisherPart 6
Therapist1Shortage4Sanitary StandardsPart 16Operation AquariusPart 18Sanitary StandardsPart 26Operation AquariusPart 28Painkiller10PharmacistHealth CarePrivacy Part 1General WaresKind of Sabotage13Supply PlansCar RepairHealth CarePrivacy Part 2Colleagues Part1Hippocratic VowHealth CarePrivacy Part 3An Applea Day Keeps the Doctor AwayColleagues Part2The ChemistryClosetHealth CarePrivacy Part 4Colleagues Part3Huntsman Path- SadistColleagues Part3Huntsman Path- SadistHealth CarePrivacy Part 530Athlete30Private ClinicDecontaminationService
Skier5Supplier7The Extortionist8Stirrup8What's onthe Flash DriveHippocratic Vow20Shady Business8Golden Swag10Chemical Part 19Friend Fromthe West Part 110Chemical Part 225Polikhim Hobo9Friend Fromthe West Part 211Chemical Part 325RegulatedMaterials25Lend LeasePart 124Informed MeansArmed11Chemical Part 422Vitamins Part 1Big CustomerOut of Curiosity27ChummingTrust RegainNo Offence22Vitamins Part 2Trust RegainLoyalty BuyoutNo OffenceLoyalty BuyoutFlintSilent CaliberBullshitSetup
Peacekeeper10Fishing Gear10Tigr Safari10Scrap Metal11Eagle Eye11HumanitarianSupplies12Spa Tour Part 112The Cult Part 112Spa Tour Part 212The Cult Part 212Spa Tour Part 312Spa Tour Part 412Spa Tour Part 512Spa Tour Part 612Spa Tour Part 712Cargo X Part 114Wet Job Part 112Cargo X Part 214Wet Job Part 212Cargo X Part 314Wet Job Part 314Wet Job Part 414Wet Job Part 5Mentor14Wet Job Part 6Psycho SniperThe Guide
Mechanic10Gunsmith Part 111Gunsmith Part 2Introduction12Farming Part 112Gunsmith Part 312Signal Part 112Farming Part 215Gunsmith Part 412Signal Part 212Insider14Farming Part 312Bad Habit17Gunsmith Part 515Signal Part 312Scout14Farming Part 418Gunsmith Part 6The TarkovShooter Part 115Signal Part 430Fertilizers35ImportA ShooterBorn in Heaven19Gunsmith Part 7The TarkovShooter Part 219Gunsmith Part 8The TarkovShooter Part 320Gunsmith Part 9The TarkovShooter Part 420Gunsmith Part 10The TarkovShooter Part 520Gunsmith Part 11The TarkovShooter Part 623Gunsmith Part 12The TarkovShooter Part 725Gunsmith Part 13The TarkovShooter Part 827Gunsmith Part 1429Gunsmith Part 1535Gunsmith Part 16
Ragman15Only BusinessMake ULTRAGreat AgainBig SaleDatabase Part 1The Bloodof War Part 1Database Part 2Dressed to Kill25Sew itGood Part 124MinibusGratitudeGratitudeSew itGood Part 223The Bloodof War Part 230Sales Night29Hot DeliverySew itGood Part 326The Keyto Success30The Bloodof War Part 340Supervisor40ScavengerSew itGood Part 427Living HighIs Not a Crime Part 1No Fuss NeededThe Stylish One40SupervisorLiving HighIs Not a Crime Part 2Charisma BringsSuccess40Textile Part 147Textile Part 2
JaegerHunterAcquaintanceThe SurvivalistPath - ThriftyThe SurvivalistPath - Unprotected, but DangerousThe TarkovShooter Part 1The SurvivalistPath - ZhivchikThe TarkovShooter Part 2The SurvivalistPath - Wounded BeastThe TarkovShooter Part 3The SurvivalistPath - Cold BloodedThe SurvivalistPath - Tough GuyHuntsman Path- Secured PerimeterThe TarkovShooter Part 4The SurvivalistPath - JunkieThe SurvivalistPath - Combat MedicThe SurvivalistPath - Eagle-owlAmbulanceCourtesy VisitHuntsman Path- The TrophyHuntsman Path- Woods CleaningReservThe TarkovShooter Part 528NostalgiaHuntsman Path- JusticeHuntsman Path- Sell-outHuntsman Path- ControllerHuntsman Path- Evil WatchmanFishing PlaceThe TarkovShooter Part 6Huntsman Path- Woods KeeperHuntsman Path- Sell-outThe TarkovShooter Part 7Huntsman Path- Eraser Part 1Hunting TripThe TarkovShooter Part 8Huntsman Path- Eraser Part 2
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